ABR® Waterless Cleaning Poultice represents a true paradigm shift in masonry cleaning. No longer are you concerned with the possibility of defacing the brick, stone, tile or surrounding architecture. ABR® Waterless Cleaning Poultice™ replaces conventional masonry soaps and acids with wetting agents and surfactants suspended in biodegradable latex. It will remove embedded dirt and other contaminants on a wide variety of surfaces. See our ad in Building Services Management Magazine


CleaningPoultice ABRP Capitol Photos-1006  Illinois State Capitol video
This removable coating requires no water in its application or removal. No water reclamation dams or vacuum pumps. ABR® Waterless Cleaning Poultice™ removes dirt and contaminants from the surface within the latex coating for easy collection and disposal. ABR® Waterless Cleaning Poultice™ may be used on interior and exterior surfaces including, but not limited to, painted or bare metal, brick, textured stone, concrete, marble, ceramic, terrazzo, slate, limestone, granite, tile and plastic.The creamy consistency and opaque color of the ABR® Waterless Cleaning Poultice™ (ABR® WCP) allows for an even and “easy to see” application.

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University of Minnesota

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Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota

12     Test A,B,C
Yale University Library                          Testing A, B and C Types. Type C, clearly the choice


ABR® WCP on Soot encrusted wood overhead

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before                                                                 after


A word from : Follett Solutions
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Dave and Ken0001Ken and David Follett

Read the following and see what these historic restoration professionals have to say about the ABR® Waterless Cleaning Poultice™.

Ken Follett has worked with masonry for over forty years with an extensive experience in cleaning and restoration on historic masonry structures. David Follett, Ken’s son and business partner, has over twelve years of experience in work on historic structures that includes the cleaning of masonry. The core of their work is to assist architects, structural engineers, and architectural conservators in their investigations of historic structures. Quite often this investigative work involves mock-ups for cleaning of masonry that naturally lead into their taking on larger cleaning projects. They have completed projects with ABR® Waterless Cleaning Poultice™ and particularly appreciate that it can be used on exterior masonry surfaces. According to Ken, “We like finding new uses for the waterless poultice and we recommend it quite often to the preservation architects that we work with.” They are located in the Hudson Valley region north of New York City and are available for consultation, mock-ups, site supervision and unique masonry cleaning projects wherever the need for their expertise exists. Inquiries accepted via e-mail


ken@follett.solutions  david@follett.solutions


On The Job.

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Before beginning your restoration project, test to determine the proper type and desired result.
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Cleaning interior masonry without water means money and down time saved.