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ABR Products® Waterless Fireplace Cleaner™

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Masonry Cleaning, Restoration and Preservation

Cleaning & Restoration

Years of accumulated pollution can blacken the surface of masonry, brick and concrete. Inappropriate use of harsh cleaning chemicals and methods can damage the surface beyond repair. ABR Products for the restoration and preservation of masonry have been proven in the field by professionals assuring your satisfaction on their effectiveness and performance.

Click on for product specification and material safety data sheets.

801 Heavy Duty Masonry Cleaner ( Spec , MSD )
801 is a blend of inorganic acids that remove years of accumulated pollution that blacken the surface in an economical concentrate. (1 gallon makes up to 11 gallons of product

600 B New Masonry Brick Wash ( Spec , MSD )
600 B is designed to remove grout and mortar splatter and staining that occurs during new construction. 600B will not yellow or bleach mortar joints. 600B is blended with metal inhibitors to control metallic staining.

600 Pre-Thickened Efflorescence and Lime Dissolver ( Spec , MSD )
600 efflorescence and lime dissolver is a thick gel that clings to the surface providing one coat application for the removal of efflorescence and lime, as well as old mortar splatter from brick, concrete and masonry.

ABR 50 Rust Remover ( Spec , MSD )
ABR® - 50 Rust Remover cleans rust runoff from metal (metal railings, etc.) and sprinkler systems containing water with heavy iron deposits that stain concrete and masonry.

ABR 8 Degreaser ( Spec , MSD )
ABR® - 8 Degreaser is a concentrated, non-flammable, strong alkaline soap solution used to degrease factory walls, ceilings, floors, engines, restaurant hoods, ducts and machinery.

Building Wash 3 ( Spec , MSD )
Building Wash Three is a concentrated one-step building cleaner designed to remove surface dirt, paint oxidation and airborne contaminates from painted and non-painted surfaces.

X-190 Limestone and Concrete Cleaner ( Spec , MSD )
X-190 provides a gentle solution for cleaning masonry/concrete discolored from construction dirt and airborne contaminants general weathering on sidewalls, sidewalks, driveways.

Etch and Clean ( Spec , MSD )
Etch & Clean is formulated to etch concrete surfaces creating a clean surface that can easily bond with epoxies, latex paints, urethanes, ceramic tiles and other coatings.


Hydro Seal™ 100 ( Spec , MSD )
Hydro Seal™100 is a solvent-based, water repellent that dries clear and does not alter the appearance of the horizontal surface upon which it is applied.

Hydro Seal™ 200 ( Spec , MSD )
Hydro Seal™ 200 is a solvent-based water repellent that provides vertical masonry with deeper and greater penetration. The higher solid content may slightly darken the surface upon drying.

Hydro Seal™ 300 ( Spec , MSD )
Hydro Seal™ 300 is a versatile, waterborne emulsion, water repellent that offers fast and effective protection against U.V. damage and stains. Hydro Seal 300™ protects a wide variety of surfaces including masonry, stucco, brick pavers, concrete, aluminum, marble, fabric and asphalt roofs.


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