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Waterless Cleaning Poultice

ABR Products® Waterless Fireplace Cleaner™

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-Paint On, Peel Away
-Soot, Dirt, And Grime
-All Masonry
-Non Caustic

Masonry Restoration
Graffiti Prevention
Specialty Products
Specialty Strippers
Wood Restoration

Specialty Strippers

Before ABRP, Inc. perfected the chemical restoration products and methods used today to remove multiple layers of paint from building exteriors there was sand/media blasting. Gentile, chemical restoration of the building will do less harm to the underlying surface and provide for a restored building exterior that resembles the original aesthetic.

Click on for product specification and material safety data sheets.

800 Fast-Acting® ( Spec , MSD )
800 Fast Acting® gently dissolves a wide variety of paint finishes from wood, masonry and metal. Can be used as an effective graffiti remover where multiple tags exist or where graffiti has been pushed deeper into the surface by improper removal methods.

Grip 'N Strip® ( Spec , MSD )
Grip 'N Strip® is a caustic peel and scrape off paint remover paste to remove multiple layers of lead-based oils, latex paints, varnishes, stains and other finishes in one application. It is appropriate for use on wood, masonry, metals.

800 Brush Grade ( Spec , MSD )
800 Brush Grade is a water-soluble, thick, caustic gel that easily adheres to vertical surfaces and remains wet for long periods of time to allow for deep penetration. It is capable of dissolving multiple layers of oil finishes in a single application

Super Bio-Strip ( Spec , MSD )
ABR Super Bio Strip™: available in Liquid and Gel form – is pH neutral and will strip a verity of paints, stains and varnish for interior and exterior use without neutralizing.

ABR Strip it All ( Spec , MSD )
ABR Strip-It All™ is a gel designed to remove multiple layers of latex paints, stains, varnishes, linseed oils and other coatings that hide color of natural wood.

ABR Fast Finish Remover ( Spec , MSD )
ABR Fast Finish Remover™ is a concentrated, dissolver of stains, latex paints, varnishes, linseed oils and other coatings. Remove finishes while restoring the wood to the condition of new lumber.

ABR® Citrus Paint Remover ( Spec , MSD )
ABR Citrus Paint Remover™: available in Liquid, Gel and Paste form – Unique reusable formula removes a variety of finishes for interior and exterior use. Contains no methylene chloride and neutralizing is not necessary

700XX Special Coating Stripper ( Spec , MSD )
700 XX is a methylene chloride based gel designed to work fast to strip paint, varnish, polyurethane and marine finishes as well as elastomeric coatings, epoxies and swimming pool chlorinates.


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