• 600 Pre-Thickened Efflorescence & Lime Dissolver

    • Dissolves efflorescence, lime and calcium base paints often found on old historical landmarks.
    • Removes excess mortar from brick work.
    • A slow evaporating thick gel that clings to the surface, allowing it to penetrate and remain on the surface longer making a single application more efficient than repeated applications of a liquid acid.
    • Contains metal inhibitors to control metallic staining.
    • Will not etch glass, yellow mortar joints or bleach colored and/or natural joints when used in accordance with directions.

    COVERAGE: 50 sq. ft./gal.

  • ABR®-60 Liquid Latex Binder

    • An acrylic liquid polymer specially formulated for use in cement base mixes.
    • Provides a tough, self-cured surface for dense concrete and masonry that ensures the highest bonding qualities in tuck-pointing mortars, improves adhesion, increases bonding, reduces cracking.
    • Use for regular weight and light weight spray applied coatings, traditional trowel applied stuccos, terrazzo, floor surfaces, basement waterproof, coatings and underlayments.
    • For interior and exterior applications.

    COVERAGE: 350 to 400 sq. ft./gal.

  • Copper & Brass Prewash and Brightener

    Products for the restoration of copper and bronze require a mandatory consultation with a company technical representative.

    Please contact ABRP, Inc. at 800-346-7532 extension 20

  • ABR® Marble Polish

    • Restores polished marble, granite, and other smooth, glossy stone.
    • A rubbing compound for use with a power buffer during the polishing process.

    COVERAGE: 100 to 200 sq. ft./gal.

  • ABR® Stone & Marble Guard

    • A penetrating, stain resistant, water repellent sealer for polished and unpolished marble, granite, slate travertine, mosaics, onyx and sandstone.
    • Can also be applied to paint, caulk, grout, EFIS (exterior insulation and finish systems), Dryvit® or stucco and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.
    • Enhanced with UV absorbers.
    • Penetrates deep into sub-straight to form an invisible, non-film forming barrier that is resistant to oil, water, grease, coffee, cola, food stains and solvent based markers.

    COVERAGE: 800 to 4,000 sq. ft./gal. depending on the porosity of the surface being treated.

  • ABR® Stone & Marble Guard Deep Penetrating Stone Enhancer

    • A smooth, viscous cream designed to enrich stone color and improve the stones overall appearance that may have faded over time, it’s penetrating nature ensures no product build up.

    COVERAGE: 200 to 2500 sq. ft./gal. depending on the porosity of the surface being treated.

  • ABR® Stone & Marble Guard Stone Enhancer/Polish

    • A high solids liquid designed to enhance the luster of smooth and polished stone surfaces.

    COVERAGE: 100 to 200 sq. ft./gal. depending on the porosity of the surface being treated.

  • Hydro Seal 100™ and 200™

    • Breathing water repellents blended in a proprietary formulation of complex salines and stearates.
    • Contains additional micro-solids that migrate inward to fill hairline cracks, thus preventing possible water damage from freeze/thaw expansion.
    • Effective in efflorescence control, spalling, salt erosion and staining while allowing the surface to transmit vapor.
    • Apply to all types of interior and exterior masonry, concrete, brick, tile, stucco, terra cotta and granite.

    COVERAGE: 100 to 200 sq. ft./gal., depending on porosity of surface.

  • Hydro Seal 300™

    • Versatile, waterborne emulsion, water repellent and stain protector.
    • Fast and effective protection against U.V. damage and stains.
    • Apply to masonry, stucco, brick pavers, concrete, aluminum, marble, fabric and asphalt roofs.
    • Control efflorescence and spalling by waterproofing masonry, brick, block and stone.
    • Protects concrete by sealing and waterproofing the surface, preventing spalling and protecting against de-icing salts, mildew and stains.

    COVERAGE: 100 to 200 sq. ft./gal., depending on porosity of surface.

  • AC-8 Aluminum Bright Cleaner

    • A concentrated, water soluble cleaner designed to restore bare aluminum, remove oxidation from painted aluminum, and clean aluminum chalk run off on masonry.
    • A complete cleaning process may require the use of ABR® Metal & Fiberglass Polish, followed by POLYShield® Regular.

    COVERAGE: 600 to 800 sq. ft./gal.

  • ABR® Metal & Fiberglass Polish

    • Removes light oxidation stains and restores the brilliance to metal, and clean fiberglass surfaces exposed to the environment.
    • A cleaner recommended to polish oxidation stains on aluminum diamond plate, cast, rolled and machined aluminum as well as copper, bronze, brass, nickel and other precious metals and fiberglass.
    • For heavy oxidation and deeply embedded stains apply with fine steel wool or use the appropriate ABR® Restoration Cleaner — ABR®-50 Rust Remover, Copper & Brass Cleaners or AC-8 Aluminum Brightener Cleaner.
    • A rubbing compound used with a damp cloth or rotary buffer.

    COVERAGE: 500 to 800 sq. ft./pint.

  • ABR® Glass De-Etcher and X-19 Glass Cleaner & Restorer

    • ABR® Glass De-Etcher is a polishing compound that removes hydrofluoric acid burn stains from glass.
    • X-19 Glass Cleaner & Restorer is an acidic blend of wetting agents and detergents especially formulated to restore glass surfaces.
    • ABR® Glass De-Etcher and X-19 Glass Cleaner & Restorer remove hard water marks and stains caused by run-off from unsealed masonry, airborne pollution and acid rain haze that causes oxidation to glass.

    COVERAGE: De-Etcher–500 to 800 sq. ft./pint X-19–250 to 500 sq. ft./gal.

  • ABR Liquid Shield®

    • A clear acrylic coating designed to mask door and window glass.
    • Used on interior or exterior painted or unpainted surfaces.
    • Will adhere to wood (new construction) and painted surfaces but is easily removed from glass.
    • Eliminates the need to mask the frame, grill work and sash of windows or doors with traditional paper and masking tape.
    • Application to door and window frames using a roller, brush or airless sprayer.

    COVERAGE: 200 to 250 sq. ft./gal.

  • PolyShield® Mall Mask

    A water based coating designed to give mall windows a frosted or blacked out appearance. PolyShield ® Mall Mask “Frosted”allows light to shine in and signs posted on the window glass to be seen but allows for complete privacy for the activities behind the glass. PolyShield® Mall Mask is ready to use right from the container and can be applied with conventional spray equipment, HVLP or airless sprayer.

    PolyShield® Mall Mask is removed with a damp sponge or cloth.
    Coverage: 400-600 square feet per gallon

  • ABR Rubber Mask®

    • A temporary, removable latex coating that protects surfaces from over-spray, tuckpointing smears and cleaning detergents.
    • Use on interior and exterior surfaces of unpainted metal, Masonite, OSB, brick, textured stone, concrete and plastic.

    COVERAGE: 100 to 150 sq. ft./gal.