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X-100 Natural Seal® Wood Preservative

X-100 Natural Seal® Wood Preservative is an E.P.A. registered, oil based, water repellant wood preservative consisting of essential wood protecting ingredients. Designed to penetrate the wood, our wood preservative protects against cracking, splitting, cupping, curling, sap stain, mold and mildew and the environmental forces of wind, rain, snow, ice and ultra violet light. X-100 Natural Seal® Wood Preservative is V.O.C. compliant and may be used on any exterior wood surface. 

X-100 Natural Seal® Wood Preservative is breathable, non-film forming water repellant that will not crack or peel. Its trans-oxide pigments provide an appealing, natural looking, rich warm glow commonly associated with natural wood finishes. Available in an assortment of colors ranging form transparent to semi transparent X-100 Natural Seal has a color to enhance a verity of architectural elements including log siding, rough sawn and smooth siding, pergolas, decking, split and sawn cedar shake shingles.

The US National Park service has utilized the X-100 Natural Seal Wood Preservative at The Borax Mining Museum in Death Valley, the San Francisco Maritime Museum, the Coronado National Monument in Bernalillo, NM and on the log building that serves the office of building maintenance for Yellow Stone NP. It has also been mentioned in published National Park Service, GSA and USDA Forest Products literature.

Parks Canada has also specified X-100 natural Seal for use on the Banff Park Museum National Historic site in Banff, Alberta. A total restoration of the museums exterior surface took place in the summer of 2009.


  • U.V. inhibitors
  • Water repellents
  • Trans-oxide colors
  • considered by Texas Forest Service of Texas A&M University as a top performance wood preservative
  • Fungicides
  • Ingredients blended in a long-chain oil


  • For use when E.P.A. registered product is specified
  • Non-film forming
  • Provides resistance to wood degradation
  • Recommended for use on sidewalls, fences, roofs and dimensional lumber
  • Compatible with one-part urethane caulking and
  • oil-based caulks
  • Long-chain oils dry more slowly allowing for deeper penetration


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