Etch & Clean

Etch & Clean

  • An acidic concentrate with degreasing additives for use on concrete surfaces.
  • Sets up a clean, bondable surface for epoxies, latex paint, urethanes, ceramic tiles and other coatings.

COVERAGE: 200 sq. ft./gal. without dilution.
* CONCENTRATE: 1 gallon makes 5 ready-to-use gallons. May be used up to a 1:5 dilution, covering up to 1,000 sq. ft. per gallon, for light cleaning.



Etch & Clean is an inorganic acid concentrate with degreasing additives formulated for use on concrete surfaces. Etch & Clean is formulated to produce a slight etch to concrete surfaces while removing oil, grease and dirt. Etch & Clean is more effective than straight muriatic acid since it does not leave a calcium film behind. (Muriatic acid can hinder the adhesion of future coating.) Etch & Clean sets up a bondable clean surface for coatings of epoxies, latex paints, urethanes, ceramic tiles and other coatings.

Product Specifications

Additional information


A heavy grease build up may require an application of ABR-8 Degreaser prior to using Etch & Clean.


1. Subject to conditions, dilute 1 part
Etch & Clean to 4 parts water, or as determined
by test. The degree of etching may be controlled by
varying the dilution ratio. Always mix well before using.
2. Apply Etch & Clean with ABRP Applicator Brush
or ABRP Poly Tank Hand Pump Sprayer. Use floor
squeegee to push Etch & Clean into adjacent areas.
3. Let Etch & Clean stand on surface 5 – 10 minutes,
or as determined by test. Then scrub with stiff-bristled
brush or floor scrubbing machine. 4. Rinse with a cold
water pressure washer. Repeat rinse as necessary
until foaming/sudsing is gone.


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