Remove Rust Stains On Metal and Stone In 5 Steps

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Rust runoff from adjacent metal surfaces can create bright red, hard-to-remove stains on masonry. Sprinkler systems containing water with heavy iron deposits can also stain concrete walkways red, orange, and brown, resulting in an unsightly curb appeal. Trying to remove those pesky, eyesore stains is simple—with the right tools in hand. Below we outline 5

How to Clean Your Fireplace Without Water

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Cleaning the exterior of your masonry fireplace is a tough task. Each stone, brick, and mortar is lined with tough soot, smoke, dirt, and creosote stains from potentially years (and in some cases, even decades!) of cozy fires burning low and slow through long winter nights. So you think to yourself, short of using a

A Word From Follett Solutions Consultants with Tools

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Ken Follett has worked with masonry for over forty years with an extensive experience in cleaning and restoration on historic masonry structures. David Follett, Ken’s son and business partner, has over twelve years of experience in work on historic structures that includes the cleaning of masonry. The core of their work is to assist