Remove Rust Stains On Metal and Stone In 5 Steps

Rust runoff from adjacent metal surfaces can create bright red, hard-to-remove stains on masonry. Sprinkler systems containing water with heavy iron deposits can also stain concrete walkways red, orange, and brown, resulting in an unsightly curb appeal. Trying to remove those pesky, eyesore stains is simple—with the right tools in hand. Below we outline 5 easy steps, along with a couple tips and tricks along the way, to remove rust stains from metal and masonry surfaces using our product, ABR-50 Rust Remover.

Step 1: Gather tools and test

Gather the necessary tools. We recommend gathering a bucket, brush, gloves, protective eyewear, ABR-50, and a hose or power washer.

Then a test area should be performed prior to beginning overall project to determine precise procedure necessary for the most effective removal of rust or stain. ABR-50 Rust Remover may be diluted up to 1 part ABR-50 Rust Remover to 10 parts water. Caution: using ABR-50 Rust Remover too strong will etch concrete.

For the test dilution ratio, we like to start with 1:5; 1 bottle cap of product to 5 bottle caps of water. Look for a reaction once placed on the test surface. If the surface strongly effervesces you may want to use more water in your dilution.

Note: using ABR 50 in too strong a dilution will produce a white haze. In some cases this is unavoidable and if the surface is concrete, it might be desirable as it makes for a brighter surface.

Step 2: Clean surface

Mechanically scrape away any scaling or other external residue from surface to be treated.

Step 3: Mix and apply solution

Mix your solution according to the ration you found works for your surface in the initial test. Mix well. Apply ABR-50 Rust Remover with an acid resistant brush or a low pressure hand pump sprayer. Completely saturate the surface to be treated. Avoid puddling. Brush any puddles into surface.

Removing rust from metal: Allow ABR-50 Rust Remover to stand for 35 minutes or longer as determined by test procedures. Use pressure washer to rinse with water to remove ABR-50 Rust Remover.

Removing rust from stone: Allow ABR-50 Rust Remover to dry completely on surface (at least 24 hours). No rinse will be required. However, if stain is still evident, use pressure washer to rinse with water before applying second coat of ABR-50 Rust Remover.

Note: In treating a deep stain, repeat process as often as necessary, determined by test procedure. Be sure to allow each application to dry completely and then pressure rinse before applying second coat.

Step 5: Protect and enjoy

To protect newly restored surfaces from further rust damage, follow-up the ABR-50 Rust Remover process with Hydro Seal waterproofer from ABRP, Inc.

Learn more about ABR-50 here:

Precautions: read the entire material safety data sheet and product label for a more thorough evaluation of hazards. Fully protect all adjacent surfaces including plants and shrubbery. Beware of wind drift onto auto and pedestrian traffic when rinsing or applying ABR®-50 Rust Remover. Contact local, state, or
federal agencies to ensure compliance of proper disposal methods regarding respective regulations.

Caution: Avoid breathing mist or swallowing liquid. Protect eyes with full face shield, including full eye coverage. Prevent skin contact with liquid or mist through the use of impervious clothing, gloves, and footwear. Call Physician at once for contact or suspicion of contact. Do not attempt to neutralize with chemical agents.

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