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Dry Cleaning Stone

A new product, ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice, cleans natural stone, cultured stone, brick, and masonry surfaces without the use of water or abrasive materials.

Apply and Peel

For best results when using ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice, follow steps 1 through 6 below:

1. Apply at a temperature of 50°F or higher. Apply evenly and avoid a thin, feathered edge.
2. Apply a 1/8” thick first coat to the surface with a brush, spatula, roller or designated airless spray equipment

ABR® Waterless Cleaning Poultice in an exterior application when air and surface temperatures are above 90 F may not allow for dwell times exceeding one hour. Allowing the Cleaning Poultice to remain on a heavily textured surface for over one hour may make the removal of the Cleaning Poultice difficult. Before application test to ensure easy removal of the Cleaning Poultice when temperatures are approaching or are above 90 F.

3. For stubborn stain removal it may be necessary to agitate the ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice when still wet. Dirt and grime will be pulled into the ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice while agitation takes place.
4. Allow the ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice to fully dry a minimum of 24 hours on the surface. Depending on substrate and amount of contaminates to be removed a 24 to 72 hour curing time may be required.
5. To remove the dried ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice, start at a corner and peel the film away from the surface.
6. Use ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice with plastic sheeting as a drop cloth adhesive: As a temporary adhesive, it will hold 1 and 2 mil plastic sheeting to block off an adjacent area while work is in progress. Press plastic sheeting to the ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice while it is tacky. Use masking tape to hold the plastic as the ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice dries. Apply additional ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice to the top edge of the plastic sheeting to ensure adhesion and to provide a dust and water tight barrier system or seal.

Stone Cleaning Information

American Building Restoration Products, Inc. is the creator and manufacturer of the patented ABR Waterless Cleaning Poultice. Contact ABRP, Inc. by calling 800-346-7532 or on the web at, or e-mail us [email protected]

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