800 Fast Acting

800 Fast Acting

  • Water soluble, thick, caustic strippers formulated to strip multiple layers of organic paint finishes, and both latex and oil base paint from wood and masonry.
  • Adheres to vertical surfaces, and remains wet for longer periods of time allowing for deeper penetration into the paint film without bubbling the finish.
  • Most effective if kept damp by misting with water.

COVERAGE: 50 to 75 sq. ft./gal.


800 Paint Strippers are for professional use only. They are lye based (caustic) strippers designed to remove a wide variety of both latex and oil base paint from wood, masonry and metal surfaces. They are specifically formulated to strip multi-layers of organic paint finishes. 800 Paint Strippers are not designed to strip or dissolve inorganic coatings such as cement, concrete or lime. 800 Paint Strippers do not dry out rapidly on the surface like solvent and methylene chloride paint strippers. They remain wet for longer periods of time allowing for deeper penetration into the paint film without bubbling the finish and are rinsable days after they have dissolved the paint. A longer dwell time will be required when using 800 Paint Strippers in temperatures below freezing.


800 Brush Grade is a water soluble thick, caustic gel, allowing it to adhere on vertical surfaces. It dissolves multi-layers of oil based finishes in one application. 800 Brush Grade is more effective if kept damp by misting with water during daytime hours.


800 Fast Acting contains a mixture of lye and alcohol, therefore, a wide variety of paint finishes can be dissolved. 800 Fast Acting has a gentle affect on wood fiber and grain and is an overall excellent remover of both oil and latex paint. 800 Fast Acting is also a successful graffiti remover.


800 Neutralizer is the required follow-up to the 800 Paint Strippers and can be used to neutralize any caustic stripper. 800 Neutralizer fizzes as it works, taking the guess work out of neutralizing.


LIMITATIONS: 800 Paint Strippers will etch plastic, as well as aluminum. Protect these surfaces and all other adjacent surfaces. 800 Paint Strippers may darken some woods. This darkening can be removed with X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer™. 800 Paint Strippers are not recommended for use on veneer, plywood surfaces or other interior woodwork that is to be stained and varnished.

When removing existing graffiti, ABRP, Inc offers a
complete line of graffiti removal products:
• Super Bio Strip®
• 800 Fast Acting
• Tag Zap® Removers
• PolyShield® Strip Soap

Product Specifications
Material Safety Data

Additional information


Prepare a surface
free from dirt and oil. It is not necessary to remove
loose, peeling or flaking paint. This creates pockets
down to the original masonry or wood surface which
is generally more absorbing than the painted surface.
Staging should be well maintained and equipped
with steel cable. Nylon, cotton or hemp roping is not
suitable when using 800 Paint Strippers. A test area
should be performed prior to beginning overall project
to determine optimum dwell time for the product and
the number of applications necessary to completely
remove all traces of finish from the surface. User
shall determine the suitability of the product for
its intended use and assumes all risk and liability
whatsoever in connection therewith. Follow all local,
state, or federal disposal regulations when using this


1. Apply a thick coat of the 800 Paint
Stripper using a synthetic brush or roller. 2. Let the
800 Paint Stripper remain on the surface until all
paint has dissolved. 3. If the 800 Paint Stripper
remains on the surface in direct sunlight, it may dry
prematurely. Rewet the surface by lightly misting with
NOTE: On wood, be certain to remove the 800 Paint
Stripper as soon as the paint has been dissolved.
Allowing 800 Paint Strippers to remain on wood for
extended periods of time, may result in raised grain.
REMOVAL: To remove the 800 Paint Stripper, rinse
area with a pressure washer. Avoid surface damage by
adjusting pressure and nozzle pattern. Once surface
has been rinsed it must be neutralized. Apply 800
Neutralizer any time after stripping is completed.
Apply two applications followed by a complete water
rinse from a pressure washer. For evidence that 800
Neutralizer is working, look for a fizzing action.
Repeat neutralization process until fizzing stops.
Evidence of failing to neutralize properly will cause
new paint to discolor in damp weather.


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