ABR® Citrus Formula Paint Remover

ABR® Citrus Formula Paint Remover

  • Unique, cost effective, reusable formula for the removal of multiple layers of finish, varnish, stains, latex paint and oil paint, as well as log exteriors and interiors and on fine furniture and cabinets.
  • Designed to remain moist and active longer, penetrating more layers of paint mil thickness in one application. Paste formula may be removed and reused on multiple surfaces.
  • A non-caustic, biodegradable formula that contains no methylene chloride, eliminating subsequent neutralizing.
  • Liquid is excellent for refinishing work to remove layers of varnish, stain, graffiti, and paint splatter.

COVERAGE: Paste–25 to 75 sq. ft./gal.; Gel–75 to 125 sq. ft./gal.; Liquid–200 to 250 sq. ft./gal


ABR® Citrus Paint Removers are designed to remove multiple layers of latex paint, oil paint, varnish, stain and other finishes from wood, masonry, plastered walls or metal in a single application. ABR® Citrus Paint Removers are a unique development in the paint and coating removal industry. ABR® Citrus Paint Removers do NOT contain methylene chloride and offer a fresh citrus scent. The formulas are recommended for both interior and exterior use. No neutralizing is needed. The formulas are non-damaging to wood, masonry, plastered walls and metal.

NOTE: ABR® Citrus Paint Removers may damage or soften asphalt, plastic, rubber, tile, linoleum and adjacent painted surfaces. In some cases, ABR® Citrus Paint RemoversPaste can be reused for multiple applications. ABR® Citrus Paint Removers are ideal for intricate carvings, moldings, pillars, fine furniture and antiques. When applied uniformly, ABR® Citrus Paint Removers penetrate multiple layers of paint mil thickness and reduce the water rinse normally needed to dissolve stripper residue. The special paste formula stays wet and active longer than conventional strippers. In some cases, the paste formula may be removed and reused on multiple surfaces of your current stripping project. ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Liquid is ideal for refinishing work and will remove thin layers of varnish, stain and graffiti. The liquid formula can also be used for the clean-up of paint splatters. ABR® Citrus Paint Removers Paste may also be used as a poltice stain remover for embedded graffiti stains. It is also great for removing mastics, decals, and traffic markers.



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PRECAUTIONS: Read the entire material safety data sheet and product label for a thorough evaluation of hazards.Fully protect all adjacent surfaces including vegetation from coming in direct contact with ABR® Citrus Paint Removers. When stripping interiors, lay plastic sheeting on the floor and cover with stacks of newspaper or cardboard to absorb scraped residue. USE ONLY WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION! Close container after each use. Avoid inhalation and use only with adequate ventilation. If using indoors, open all windows and doors and make sure there is fresh air movement. If adequate ventilation cannot be maintained, wear respiratory protection or leave the area. CAUTION! This product is combustible. Keep away from heat, sparks, flame and all other sources of ignition. Eye Protection Required when using ABR® Citrus Paint Removers. Wear chemical splash proof goggles.


Color/Form: ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Paste: Putty-Colored thick paste. ABR® Citrus Paint Remover: Gelclear gel. ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Liquid: Clear liquid.


Product may be reusable on some finishes, increasing the amount of coverage per gallon. The amount of coverage may also vary depending on the surface and the layers of finished to be stripped. ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Paste-25 to 75 square feet per gallon. ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Gel-75 to 125 square feet per gallon. ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Liquid- 200 to 250 square feet per gallon


One and five gallon containers.


Prepare a surface free from dirt and oil. Prior to beginning the overall project, a test should be performed to determine the optimum dwell time for the product, the number of applications necessary to completely remove all traces of finish from the surface, and if any ABR® Citrus Paint Removers may be reused for additional application(s). The user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.


1. A. ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Paste: Approximately 1/8 – 1/4 inch thick with a trowel or brush.
B. Apply ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Gel with a natural bristle brush, roller or airless sprayer.
C. Apply ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Liquid with a natural bristle brush, roller or HVLP sprayer.
2. Allow ABR® Citrus Paint Removers to remain on the surface until all paint is dissolved. ABR® Citrus Paint Removers will penetrate an average of one (1)
layer of paint every fifteen (15) to thirty (30) minutes.
NOTE: ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Paste and Gel should be applied in temperature range between 50°F to 75°F for product efficiency. If possible, avoid direct sunlight application. For best results, apply in late afternoon during cooler temperatures. ABR® Citrus Paint Remover Paste and Gel may sag if applied too thickly over latex finishes. If sagging occurs, apply thinner coats of ABR® Citrus Paint Remover. Allow the product to dwell for one (1) hour and apply a second coat directly on top of the first coat.


1. Scrape away the dissolved residue. Forming a membrane may require leaving ABR® Citrus Paint Remover on the surface beyond 24 hours depending on the temperature and humidity. Rinse the surface with a clean sponge or scrub brush and cleanwater to remove excess ABR® Citrus Paint Remover residue. NOTE: Beware of wind drift onto adjacent surfaces while rinsing or applying ABR® Citrus Paint Removers. A soft wire brush may be used to remove
dried product missed during rinsing.

2. ABR® Citrus Paint Removers do not require neutralization.


ABR® Citrus Paint Removers should always be stored in the container in which it was purchased.


Contact local, state and/or federal agencies to ensure compliance with regulations governing the disposal of this product along with coatings and finishes that may be removed when using this product.


Read about warranties, notices, and technical services here:


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