AC-8 Aluminum Bright Cleaner

AC-8 Aluminum Bright Cleaner

  • A concentrated, water soluble cleaner designed to restore bare aluminum, remove oxidation from painted aluminum, and clean aluminum chalk run off on masonry.
  • A complete cleaning process may require the use of ABR® Metal & Fiberglass Polish, followed by POLYShield® Regular.

COVERAGE: 600 to 800 sq. ft./gal.



AC-8 Aluminum Bright Cleaner restores bare aluminum, removes oxidation from painted aluminum surfaces and cleans aluminum chalk run-off on masonry. AC-8 Aluminum Bright Cleaner is recommended to clean oxidation stains on aluminum diamond plate, cast, rolled and machined aluminum as well as oxidation from adjacent metal surfaces. Concrete walkways and buildings stained from sprinkler systems containing water with heavy calcium or iron deposits can also be cleaned with AC-8 Aluminum Bright Cleaner.

Product Specifications
Material Safety Data

Additional information


A test area
should be cleaned prior to beginning overall project
to determine precise dilution necessary for most
effective cleaning. For an average job, dilute 3 parts
water to 1 part AC-8 Aluminum Bright Cleaner.
For tougher jobs, mix 2 parts water to 1 part AC-8
Aluminum Bright Cleaner. User shall determine
the suitability of the product for intended its use and
assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection
therewith. Note: this product will etch glass.


APPLICATION: 1. Apply AC-8 Aluminum Bright
Cleaner to surface that has been cooled by prewetting.
Never apply AC-8 Aluminum Bright
Cleaner to a hot surface.
CAUTION: Using AC-8 Aluminum Bright Cleaner
too strongly may damage the surface. 2. Apply AC-8
Aluminum Bright Cleaner with a brush or hand
pump sprayer diagonally from the bottom up to loosen
oxidation film. 3. Using a garden hose or wet sponge,
rinse area with clean water while scrubbing with a
stiff brush. For best results, rinse area with a pressure
washer. Rinse until all sudsing disappears. 4. Repeat
application if necessary.
NOTE: To protect newly restored surfaces from further
oxidation damage, follow-up the AC-8 Aluminum
Bright Cleaner process with a recommended sealer
(PolyShield™ Regular) from ABRP, Inc.


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