ABR Rubber Mask®

ABR Rubber Mask®

  • A temporary, removable latex coating that protects surfaces from over-spray, tuck-pointing smears and cleaning detergents.
  • Use on interior and exterior surfaces of unpainted metal, Masonite, OSB, brick, textured stone, concrete and plastic.

COVERAGE: 100 to 150 sq. ft./gal.



ABR Rubber Mask® is a temporary, removable adhesive coating designed for use in areas where typical masking tapes or films are not usable to protect surfaces from paint overspray, tuck-pointing smears and cleaning detergents. Use with plastic sheeting for additional protection to surfaces from wash waters, run-off and paint overspray.

ABR Rubber Mask® may be used on interior and exterior surfaces of painted or bare metal, masonite, OSB, brick, textured stone, concrete and plastic. As a cleaner on masonry surfaces, ABR Rubber Mask® removes imbedded dirt particles and pollution residue when peeled from the surface it has been applied to. The creamy consistency and opaque color of ABR Rubber Mask® allows for an even and “easy to see” application.


Color/Form: Cream colored paste.

Coverage: 100-150 sq. ft. per gallon at 4 mils dry.

Storage requirements: 50°-100°F ABR Rubber Mask® freezes at 32°F. If ABR Rubber Mask® freezes it will no longer be usable.

Packaging: Quart, one, and five gallon containers.

Product Specifications
Material Safety Data

Additional information


User shall determine the
suitability of the product for its intended use and
assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection
therewith. A test area should be processed prior to
beginning the overall project to determine precise
procedures necessary for most effective results and
compatibility to surface being treated. Allow the test
area to thoroughly dry then test the ABR Rubber
Mask® for ease of removal and overall results.


Surface must be dry and free of any
dust, oil or foreign material. 1. Mix well before use.
Apply at a temperature of 50°F or higher. 2. Apply a
1/8” thick wet coat (4 mils dry) to the surface with
a brush, spatula or bulk caulking gun. 3. Allow the
ABR Rubber Mask® to fully dry on the surface. 4.
To remove the dried ABR Rubber Mask®, start at
a corner and peel the film away from the surface. 5.
For extra protection to large areas, use with plastic
sheeting: Due to its thick viscosity, ABR Rubber
Mask® will hold plastic sheeting over an adjacent
area. First, apply a single coat of ABR Rubber
Mask®. Then, adhere the plastic sheeting to the
ABR Rubber Mask® while it is still wet. In windy
conditions, for best results, apply a second coat of
ABR Rubber Mask® over the outer edge of the plastic
sheeting to better hold it in place.
NOTE: To ensure the ease of removal, remove ABR
Rubber Mask® from the surface within 15 days of the
initial date of application. Do not apply pure lacquers,
alcohol, acetone, toluene or any solvent used in
dissolving coatings over ABR Rubber Mask®.
DRY TIME: Approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours,
depending on temperature.
CLEAN UP: Water.


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