TR-7 Tar & Mastic Remover

TR-7 Tar & Mastic Remover

  • A methylene chloride based gel that dissolves rubber type mastics, tile adhesives and tar.

COVERAGE: 50 sq. ft./gal.



TR-7 Tar & Mastic Remover clings to and dissolves rubber type mastics, floor tile adhesives, as well as, tar, paint and motor oil stains from masonry and concrete surfaces. TR-7 Tar & Mastic Remover contains water rinsable detergents for easy rinsing. (Will not discolor masonry or concrete surfaces.)

Product Specifications

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To prepare surface, scrape off any heavy accumulation possible either mechanically or by hand. TR-7 Tar & Mastic Remover is more effective when used on exterior surfaces where water can be freely applied. A
test area should be completely processed before beginning overall project to determine precise procedures necessary for most effective removal of tar and mastic and to ensure product is compatible
with surface being cleaned. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. Follow all local, state and/or
federal disposal regulations when using this product.


1. Using a natural bristled brush or roller, apply a thick heavy coat of full strength TR-7 Tar & Mastic Remover to a dry surface. DO NOT apply
TR-7 Tar & Mastic Remover with high pressure or airless equipment. 2. While waiting for TR-7 Tar
& Mastic Remover to penetrate (5-10 minutes), reapply more on any dry areas. TR-7 Tar & Mastic
Remover continues to work as long as product is wet. Allow TR-7 Tar & Mastic Remover to dwell
until tar or mastic is completely loosened.
3. Use a wide blade putty knife and scrape off dissolved finish.
4. Re-apply a second coat of TR-7 Tar & Mastic Remover over the same area. Allow to dwell until it
penetrates then remove dissolved finish with putty
5. Rinse from the bottom up when conditions permit. For best results, rinse surface with a pressure
washer, preferably with hot water. Rinse dissolved residue completely from surface. Failure to do so may
result in staining.


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