ABR Fast Finish Remover®*

ABR Fast Finish Remover®*

  • An economical, water soluble, concentrated liquid dissolver of stains, latex paints, varnishes, linseed oils and other coatings that hide the original color and texture of wood and masonry.
  • Requires neutralizing.

COVERAGE: 50 to 100 sq. ft./gal., depending on number of layers. * CONCENTRATE: 1 gallon makes 5 ready-to-use gallons.


ABR Fast Finish Remover® (for professional use) is an economical, concentrated, water soluble dissolver of stains, latex paints, varnishes, linseed oils and other coatings that hide the original color and texture of wood. Remove prior finishes with ABR Fast Finish Remover® and start over from the beginning by restoring wood to the similar condition of new lumber before treating with a new finish. (See X-100 Natural Seal® products for a new finish.) ABR Fast Finish Remover® removes finishes from all types of surfaces, including wood, masonry and metal. Neutralize and restore with X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer™.

Product Specifications

Additional information


It is important to prepare a surface for proper adherence of ABR Fast Finish Remover®. If dirt or heavy chalk film exists on the surface, rinse with water. A test area should be performed prior to beginning overall project to determine optimum dwell time for the product to
completely penetrate all layers of the finish. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. Follow all local, state, or federal disposal regulations when using this product.
EXAMPLE: Time required for 1 layer of stain or paint may be 30 minutes. Difficult jobs with multiple layers of paint may require leaving ABR Fast Finish Remover® on test panel for up to 3 to 4 hours.


1. For most projects, dilute 4 parts
water to 1 part ABR Fast Finish Remover®. For more difficult jobs use a stronger dilution or full
strength. Dilution ratio should be determined by testing before beginning project.
2. Using a synthetic brush, roller, low pressure sprayer (not to exceed 100 PSI) or a hand pump sprayer (45 PSI) apply a thick coat of ABR Fast Finish Remover® to surface. Do not use any high pressure airless sprayer as dangerous atomization will occur. Caution: ABR Fast Finish
Remover® is slippery when applied to horizontal surfaces. Use extreme caution when working on
horizontal walking surfaces. 3. Let ABR Fast Finish Remover® remain on the surface until finish has
softened. To prevent premature rinsing, wait for the
entire surface to become uniformly darkened. This darkened appearance indicates ABR Fast Finish Remover® has dissolved the underlying finish and is ready to be rinsed.
4. If ABR Fast Finish Remover® has to remain on surface for 30 minutes or longer it may dry prematurely. In this instance, moisten dry areas by applying a 50/50 water/ABR Fast Finish Remover® mix. Then mist the surface with a fine water spray. A reapplication may be necessary for
overhangs, corners, windows and the like where ABR Fast Finish Remover® tends to move downward.


1. Scrape or vacuum all dissolved residue and discard in an appropriate container. Follow this procedure with a water rinse (hot water works best)
ranging from garden hose pressure (which may require scrubbing) to a high pressure water rinse. On wood,
adjust pressure to 600 psi or lower to avoid damage to wood fiber. Waiting to remove ABR Fast Finish
Remover® requires more rinse time. 2. Certain types of wood surfaces may have a raised grain effect after
stripping is completed. Sanding may be required to smooth out this condition.
3. Neutralize the surface
with X- 180 Weathered Wood Restorer™ (see product label and specification sheet for instructions).
IMPORTANT: The stripping process may darken some woods. This darkening can be removed with
the required follow-up neutralization with X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer™


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