700XX Extra Strength Special Coating Stripper

700XX Extra Strength Special Coating Stripper

  • Dissolves a broad range of finishes.
  • Does not require neutralization.
  • A methylene chloride based gel designed to strip paint, varnish, epoxy, polyurethane, elastomeric coatings, epoxies, swimming pool chlorinates and marine finishes.
  • Water rinsable.

COVERAGE: 50 sq. ft. per gal., depending on layers being removed.



700XX is ideal for the removal of paint, varnish, epoxy, polyurethane & marine finishes. 700XX stripper does not require neutralization after the stripping process. 700XX is a methylene chloride based gel designed for certain types of coatings that will not dissolve with a strong caustic stripper.

700XX works fast to strip elastomeric coatings, epoxies and swimming pool chlorinates. 700XX will not darken wood. Due to its gel consistency, 700XX will not rapidly dry, allowing for extended removability.

Product Specifications

Additional information


A test area should be performed prior to
beginning overall project to determine optimum dwell
time for the product and the number of applications
necessary to completely remove all traces of finish
from the surface. User shall determine the suitability
of the product for its intended use and assumes all
risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.
Follow all local, state, or federal disposal regulations
when using this product.


1. Apply 700XX using a natural bristle
brush or roller. 2. Apply a thick, uniform coat of 700XX
to the surface to be stripped. 3. 700XX continues to
penetrate and dissolve as long as the product remains
wet. NOTE: Temperature, air flow, direct sunlight, etc.
can evaporate 700XX. 4. Dab additional 700XX on
dry spots to maintain an even, active application.
(This may need to be done several times during the
first application). NOTE: When stripping floors, cover
area with polyethylene sheeting to reduce drying and
aid in penetration. 5. Let 700XX work until finish is
completely loosened. (Dwell time is approximately
25-30 minutes or as determined by your test). 6. Use
a wide blade putty knife to scrape off dissolved finish
and a stripper brush to clean out carved or grooved
areas. NOTE: If the finish needs further removal, apply
another coat of 700XX to the surface. Wait 10-15
minutes and test for removal. 7. 700XX should be
rinsed immediately after it dissolves the finish. Using
#3 coarse steel wool and warm water, surface should
be rinsed from the bottom up. Do not use water rinse
method on veneer surfaces. 8. Wipe clean with a dry


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