Super Bio Strip™

Super Bio Strip™

  • An economical, water soluble, concentrated liquid dissolver of stains, latex paints, varnishes, linseed oils and other coatings that hide the original color and texture of wood and masonry.




Super Bio Strip™ is a water soluble, multi purpose stripper and cleaner. The Super Bio Strip™ product line is biodegradable, non-flammable, nonacidic and contains no methylene chloride. Super Bio Strip™ is formulated in two viscosities: liquid and gel. Use liquid for easy to strip or clean surfaces, gel for more difficult tasks.

Super Bio Strip™ removes a wide variety of paints, organic finishes, stains, graffiti and varnishes from both exterior and interior surfaces of wood, metal, masonry, fiberglass and marine surfaces. Super Bio Strip™ requires no neutralizing. Super Bio Strip™ Gel dwells longer, providing deeper penetration on multiple layers of paint and allows the applicator to work on surfaces with heavy accumulations of paint.

Product Specifications

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Prepare a
surface free from dirt and oil. It is not necessary to
remove loose, peeling or flaking paint. This creates
pockets down to the surface which is generally more
absorbing than the painted surface. A test area
should be performed prior to beginning overall project
to determine optimum dwell time for the product to
completely penetrate all layers of the finish. User
shall determine the suitability of the product for
its intended use and assumes all risk and liability
whatsoever in connection therewith. Follow all local,
state, or federal disposal regulations when using the


1. Using a brush, roller, low pressure
sprayer or airless paint sprayer, apply a thick coat of
Super Bio Strip™ to surface.
CAUTION: Super Bio Strip™ is slippery when applied
to surface. Use extreme caution when working on
horizontal surfaces. 2. Allow Super Bio Strip™ to
remain on the surface until finish has dissolved.
To prevent premature rinsing, wait for the entire
surface to become uniformly darkened. This darkened
appearance indicates that the Super Bio Strip™ has
dissolved the underlying finish and is ready to be
rinsed. 3. Reapply Super Bio Strip™ if necessary.
4. When used as a refinisher, saturate a pad of steel
wool and remove finish by scrubbing with the grain.
Rinse pad occasionally with water.


1. Scrape all dissolved residue and discard in an appropriate container. 2. If wood has become discolored, leave a solution of X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer™ on the discolored area until a crystallized residue appears. Lightly remove crystals from surface without destroying the brightening action of the X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer™ with a very light water rinse. 3. Certain types of wood surfaces may have a raised grain effect after stripping is completed. Very light sanding with 50 grit sandpaper where needed will smooth out this condition. Excessive sanding will close the wood grain, preventing the new finish from penetrating into
the wood.


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