Secondary Efflorescence Before and After with 600 Pre-Thickened Acid


Secondary efflorescence is a lime deposit on surfaces of masonry, stucco, or concrete. Efflorescence is white in color and, in some cases, the texture can be a light contamination or a heavy build up.

ABRP, Inc. developed a thickened acid to remove heavy accumulations of efflorescence. The gel viscosity of the 600 Pre-Thickened Acid  keeps if from running on vertical surfaces and allows for more acid introduction, dissolving the contamination.

  • 600 Pre-Thickened Acid contains metal inhibitors to control metallic staining.

  • 600 Pre-Thickened Acid will not yellow mortar joints or bleach colored and/or natural joints when used in accordance with directions.

  • 600 Pre-Thickened Acid will not etch glass.

  • 600 Pre-Thickened Acid can be used on rough and smooth surfaces of brick, sandstone, limestone, granite, field stone, concrete, terra cotta, precast, stucco, and painted masonry swimming pools.

The project pictured above was a very thick strand of efflorescence, located on a decorative brick post in Southern Wisconsin. ABR’s 600 Pre-Thickened Acid was applied and in approximately 30 minutes, with light scrubbing, the efflorescence was removed completely. Watch the product and project demonstration below for more information.

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