Graffiti & Vandalism

    • Water soluble, thick, caustic strippers formulated to strip multiple layers of organic paint finishes, and both latex and oil base paint from wood and masonry.
    • Adheres to vertical surfaces, and remains wet for longer periods of time allowing for deeper penetration into the paint film without bubbling the finish.
    • Most effective if kept damp by misting with water.
    COVERAGE: 50 to 75 sq. ft./gal.
    • A solution designed to dissolve graffiti and vandalistic stains such as spray paint, silicone, dye and marker pens from painted and non-painted surfaces.
    • Produces excellent results when used on surfaces protected with Tag Zap® Graffiti Barrier.
    COVERAGE: 100 to 150 sq. ft./gal. depending on the vandalistic stain to be removed.
    • Formulated to prevent graffiti from penetrating and staining unpainted masonry surfaces.
    • Can be applied to all unpainted surfaces, including: brick, natural stone, concrete, and stucco.
    COVERAGE: Painted surfaces–250 to 500 sq. ft./gal. depending on the surface finish. Unpainted masonry–100 to 300 sq. ft./gal. depending on the finish and porosity of the surface.
    • An invisible barrier that acts as a shield preventing the absorption of vandalistic markings into the substrate.
    • Prevents oxidation to painted aluminum, restores faded painted surfaces and reduces dirt build up from clinging to surfaces.
    • Can be applied to all painted and unpainted surfaces, including: wood, aluminum, metal and vinyl, brick, natural stone, concrete and stucco.
    • Designed for interior and exterior use.
    COVERAGE: Painted surfaces–1,000 to 1,500 sq. ft./gal. depending on the surface finish. Unpainted masonry–100 to 300 sq. ft./gal. depending on the finish and the porosity of the surface.
    • A waterborne, U.V. resistant, cross linking, acrylic coating formulated to prevent graffiti from adhering to surfaces, while producing a translucent finish.
    • Protects a variety of painted and unpainted, interior and exterior surfaces from graffiti defacement, including: painted wood, brick, masonry, concrete, metal, plastic and aluminum.
    • As the Barrier is exposed to U.V., the cross-linking acrylic becomes stronger to create a semi to permanent defacement shield preventing absorption of vandalistic harm into the surface.
    • Available in gloss and semi-gloss.
    • Easy to apply and clean up.
    COVERAGE: Porous surfaces–100 to 250 sq. ft./gal. Painted surfaces–500 sq. ft./gal.