• ABR® Deck & Siding Wash


    Versatile, concentrated, biodegradable, one step cleaner that removes the airborne contaminates that attach themselves to decks, logs, sidewalls, dimensional lumber, brick, metal, plastics, painted aluminum siding and most other substrates.

    Works with pressure washers, steam cleaners or hand washing in hot or cold water. • Contains No phosphates, No caustics and No acid — will not etch glass.

    Typical ABRP, Inc. processing time: 2-3 business days Typical shipping turnaround time: 3-4 business days
    • ABR® Glass De-Etcher is a polishing compound that removes hydrofluoric acid burn stains from glass.
    • X-19 Glass Cleaner & Restorer is an acidic blend of wetting agents and detergents especially formulated to restore glass surfaces.
    • ABR® Glass De-Etcher and X-19 Glass Cleaner & Restorer remove hard water marks and stains caused by run-off from unsealed masonry, airborne pollution and acid rain haze that causes oxidation to glass.
    COVERAGE: De-Etcher–500 to 800 sq. ft./pint X-19–250 to 500 sq. ft./gal.
    • Restores polished marble, granite, and other smooth, glossy stone.
    • A rubbing compound for use with a power buffer during the polishing process.
    COVERAGE: 100 to 200 sq. ft./gal.
    • Removes light oxidation stains and restores the brilliance to metal, and clean fiberglass surfaces exposed to the environment.
    • A cleaner recommended to polish oxidation stains on aluminum diamond plate, cast, rolled and machined aluminum as well as copper, bronze, brass, nickel and other precious metals and fiberglass.
    • For heavy oxidation and deeply embedded stains apply with fine steel wool or use the appropriate ABR® Restoration Cleaner — ABR®-50 Rust Remover, Copper & Brass Cleaners or AC-8 Aluminum Brightener Cleaner.
    • A rubbing compound used with a damp cloth or rotary buffer.
    COVERAGE: 500 to 800 sq. ft./pint.
    • A penetrating, stain resistant, water repellent sealer for polished and unpolished marble, granite, slate travertine, mosaics, onyx, and sandstone.
    • Can also be applied to paint, caulk, grout, EFIS (exterior insulation and finish systems), Dryvit® or stucco and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.
    • Enhanced with UV absorbers.
    • Penetrates deep into sub-straight to form an invisible, non-film forming barrier that is resistant to oil, water, grease, coffee, cola, food stains, and solvent based markers.
    COVERAGE: 800 to 4,000 sq. ft./gal. depending on the porosity of the surface being treated.
    • A smooth, viscous cream designed to enrich stone color and improve the stones overall appearance that may have faded over time, it’s penetrating nature ensures no product build up.
    COVERAGE: 200 to 2500 sq. ft./gal. depending on the porosity of the surface being treated.
    • A high solids liquid designed to enhance the luster of smooth and polished stone surfaces.
    COVERAGE: 100 to 200 sq. ft./gal. depending on the porosity of the surface being treated.
  • For: Exterior and Interior stone, brick, tile, and various masonry
    • Cleaning coating designed to remove dirt, grime, soot and years of environmental pollutants from surfaces where a waterless cleaning method is needed.
    • Easy-to-use three step process—Paint on. Let it dry. Peel the dirt away.
    • Apply to both interior and exterior textured stone, limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, slate, terra cotta, ceramic, terrazzo, concrete, tile, brick, plastic, painted or bare metal.
    • Coverage: 50 to 75 sq. ft./gal. at 1/8” dry.
    • An acrylic liquid polymer specially formulated for use in cement base mixes.
    • Provides a tough, self-cured surface for dense concrete and masonry that ensures the highest bonding qualities in tuck-pointing mortars, improves adhesion, increases bonding, reduces cracking.
    • Use for regular weight and light weight spray applied coatings, traditional trowel applied stuccos, terrazzo, floor surfaces, basement waterproof, coatings and underlayments.
    • For interior and exterior applications.
    COVERAGE: 350 to 400 sq. ft./gal.
    • A concentrated, non-flammable, strong alkaline soap solution used to degrease factory walls, ceilings, floors, engines, restaurant hoods, ducts and machinery.
    COVERAGE: 150 sq. ft./gal., after proper dilution ratio.
    • A concentrated, water soluble cleaner designed to restore bare aluminum, remove oxidation from painted aluminum, and clean aluminum chalk run off on masonry.
    • A complete cleaning process may require the use of ABR® Metal & Fiberglass Polish, followed by POLYShield® Regular.
    COVERAGE: 600 to 800 sq. ft./gal.
    • Versatile one step building cleaner designed to remove surface dirt, and paint oxidation from painted and non-painted surfaces without brushing when used with high pressure washing equipment.
    • Cleans brick, metal, plastics, vinyl, and painted aluminum siding.
    • Works well with pressure washer, steam cleaner or manual washing in hot or cold water.
    • Biodegradable, contains NO phosphates, caustics or acid, and will not etch glass.
    COVERAGE: 250 to 300 sq. ft./gal. without dilution. * CONCENTRATE: 1 gallon makes 10 ready-to-use gallons. May be used up to a 1:10 dilution, covering up to 3,000 sq. ft. per gallon, for light cleaning.